Flowing Hair Silver Coin Escape

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This land here is not really a normal place despite of it looking like a normal forest, that’s because the place is magical and no person ever wants to go through what the others have experienced there before! Some of the people who actually went there saw man-made structures, they were of course enticed to check them, but the problem was they are just illusions. That started the stories of the place being classified as a not typical place and must be avoided. But that day though, Steven must go in there for he will be coming to retrieve something there, it’s small but it is important to him.

Steven entered in the forest before when he never thought of the place as different, but he then found-out what it actually was and tried to escape from there then! In his haste, he seems to have dropped this special coin of his which was from his father, he had treasured this thing ever since he received it and that’s why he is trying his best to find it now. Steven of course have been trying for years in finding his coin, and he had been unsuccessful due to how vast this place is and the illusions were very effective, he is even starting to lose hope of finding that coin, but he’ll do his last straw there that day just in case. Escape players, this time you’ll help Steven here find it, will you all be able find that coin before Steven here gives-up on all of this?

Flowing Hair Silver Coin Escape is a new wilderness item retrieval escape game developed by WoW Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Flowing Hair Silver Coin Escape

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