Flowers Painting House Escape Game

Flowers Painting House Escape

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You are in your granny's house today. It's spring time and she has to go to town. You're alone in her house full of paintings of flowers. Because you're young, you think it strange that a house is full of them. However, you love spending time at your grandmother's place so much because you're a big fan of her cooking. You know that your granny is forgetful but you didn't know she forgot her keys in her room. What if she doesn't come back? You suddenly remember a show where one of the episodes showed how to make a makeshift key. All you need now is to find all the parts. Surely there are things you can use scattered around the house. Your grandma is probably hiding a few stuff here and there. Turning the house upside-down, you try gathering all the materials needed for such a key and fast!

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