Flower Garden House Escape Game

Flower Garden House Escape

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Imagine in this game you are a student who have been studying abroad for years and can't afford to spend lots of time with your family. One day the head of your school announced a one week long vacation in order to empty the school for a small renovation. When you arrived home you decided to visit your grandmother to make her happy in her loneliness somehow. Pulling up in front of the house you realized it was a little unfamiliar to you. The garden was bedecked with fancy flowers and benches were scattered around. You knocked at the door but nobody came to open it. You turned down the latch and appallingy it was open. You entered and shouted her name but no response came. You decided to leave and return in a few hours but as you turned around you faced with a closed entrance out from the garden. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to make your way out. Good luck!



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