Flower Garden Escape Game

Flower Garden Escape

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One day, Janine woke-up from her slumber and the first thing she saw were green vegetation, she was in her aunt's garden and her place had never been this good. But wait, she never remembered going to the place and she was sleeping in her room! Janine was really confused what's going-on, she called for her aunt and it seems that she is nowhere to be found. Janine is more confused now than ever with this strange occurrence not only because she woke-up and found herself in a place she didn't even remember going, but she just woke-up and she is still just recollecting herself.

Janine must find her way out of the garden now for she doesn't know what's really going-on here and it could be worst than what she is expecting. Escape players, Janine is going to need your help here for her aunt's garden tends to be a hard place to escape from when it is locked, will you be able to help her out and safely? Place yourself on the shoes of Janine here then, use your skills and logic for this garden escape.

Be ready escape players for this challenge! Flower Garden Escape is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game from Selfdefiant.

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