Flower Bee Escape

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One of the creatures that makes the village here abundant in produce was called the flower bee, nobody knows why it is called as that for it doesn’t even look like a bee, but that name might have just caught-on when somebody called it that a while back. The creature is tiny, it is some sort of humanoid shrub which has a huge blooming flower on its head. It kind of looks like a small monster, but the creature is very much docile, it only cares about nature and it makes everything that is natural which is near it bloom. That day though, this said creature is going to need some help, lucky for it one of the villagers spotted it or nobody would have been there for it.

The man who found the flower bee was Jacob, and the tiny blooming creature is trapped inside one of the houses there! Upon finding-out what happened to it, Jacob definitely acted for he was definitely one of the benefactors of the good that the creature is producing and in-fact, every villager benefits from it. Escape players, imagine you are now in Jacob’s shoes here and the rescue is yours to accomplish. Will you be able to then so that this tiny being can return to its important daily doings?

Flower Bee Escape is a brand new point-and-click rescue escape game released by Games 4 King.

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Walkthrough video for Flower Bee Escape

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