Floating Garden Escape

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The garden here is pretty different today, for the animals are pretty playful, that doesn’t happen here and it’s also pretty light there. Myrna just felt all of that when she just got out of her house to get some fresh morning air. She felt like she was floating, maybe she was still asleep? That could not be the case, for she knows she is very much awake. Myrna planned to get out of there then for she was on a task to retrieve herbs from the nearby forest for her needs, but there was an issue with that unfortunately.

Myrna could not get out of her garden for the gate was locked! She really tried to open it, but she couldn’t! Myrna is now being bombarded by weirdness here and she is not just going to let all of that conquer her day here. Escape players, want to help Myrna here with this problem of hers? For it seems that it is really taking up her time. Find items which can get the gate open then so that this problem can be solved.

Floating Garden Escape is a brand new point and click outdoors escape game from 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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Walkthrough video for Floating Garden Escape

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