Flamingo Room Rescue Game

Flamingo Room Rescue

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Flamingos are your favorite animal. They make you feel so happy whenever you see one. Their pink color makes your eyes twinkle in an instant. You can only see flamingos on the zoo so you see to it that you'll visit the zoo every weekend. You are walking in the zoo when you saw a room full of flamingos. At first, you thought that they are doing just fine. But when you heard their cry, you knew that there is something wrong. These flamingos are not enjoying their life at the zoo. They need to be released in the wild and live in their natural habitat. You are waiting for so long to get the proper timing to rescue the flamingos. The guards are on their lunch break so this the perfect time for your mission.

Help the flamingos to escape from the flamingo room. You can find and collect items on the zoo that you can use to unlock the room. You only have a limited time to do this so you better be quick. The guards are almost finish eating. Can you make it on time? Play Flamingo Room Rescue room escape game by The Escape Games and give your best shot!

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