Flagship Store Escape Game

Flagship Store Escape

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Flagship Store Escape is a brand new point and click escape escape game from Genie Fun Games. Enjoy on this adventure everyone and stay alert as well!

Charm is roving around her flagship stores for it's time to check the entire franchise if it's still stable and standing on solid ground. Charm had already been to many of her branches and for the day, she has a last one to visit. Charm was with her constituents to help her on the inspection and as they arrived, the branch people instantly got on their feet showing that their branch is still standing tall. The branch was okay for her and Charm was ready to leave with the people she is with, but then she found-out that a problem came to be and it's quite weird and absolutely not good.

Charm used the bathroom in the place to freshen-up, but as she left from it however, she realized that the entire store was empty and it looked like she got abandoned by everyone in the building! She thought this might be a prank, but nobody has the courage to pull that one out to her, besides there's not many hiding places here and none of which have anyone there either. Charm quickly realized as well that the doors could not be opened and seems locked, that adds to the problem for the branch manager has those keys and he's nowhere to be found. Escape players, care to join with Charm here as she tries to escape from her flagship store and find-out what's really going-on? Go ahead then and good luck!

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