Five Rooms Escape Game

Five Rooms Escape

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There a few more days left of the summer vacation, so you though to take advantage of them. As it's bad weather outside, you went to your friends house to play. The back door was open, so you entered. But it seems that no one is home, so you decided to go home. The problem is that the door has blocked once you got inside and all other doors are locked as well. This is not a nice situation, you don't want anyone to find you here. So it's time to explore around for a spare key and escape from the five rooms house. Good luck!

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Walkthrough for Five Rooms Escape
  1. Date: September 10, 2015
    Author: dewed
    Even watching the walkthrough ... some of that made no sense. I didn't even see where they got the clues from on some of em. [Reply]
    • Date: September 13, 2015
      Author: admin
      Sometimes developers are not really making logic things and some parts doesn't make any sense :/ [Reply]

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