Fisherman Net Escape

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It’s now nighttime and it’s time to catch those nocturnal fishes in the river. Reginald is trying to catch the big catfishes there which only comes out of the rocks at night, he reckons if he can catch one then that will set him in the entire day. For the task, Reginald will be needing his line and a few nets, one of which is an all-important net but at the moment, he could not find it anywhere.

Reginald is really wasting time here in finding that net, he had been in and out of his house already and he still could not find it. Where could that thing be? He could not have possibly left it in the river in the previous days now did he? He could not have for he still had it yesterday. Reginald needs help here now for that net is very important to him because catfishes are almost difficult to catch by hand, except noodling which is an effective method. Escape players, come and help Reginald here now for it is already dark and finding items around are harder. Will you be able to find that net of his somewhere?

Fisherman Net Escape is a new outdoors item retrieval escape game developed by Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Fisherman Net Escape

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