Fisherman Home Escape Game

Fisherman Home Escape

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Your fisherman friend lives a few kilometers away from you. He invited you to go fishing with him in the weekend. You had nothing scheduled so you agreed. It had been quite a while since you last went fishing. You were even worrying about the proper ways to do it. So the night before, you stayed up until near midnight to study how fishing should be done. After a few videos, you were able to remember the steps. However, you only had a few hours of sleep left. This made you jumpy. You worried about oversleeping until you didn't get any sleep at all. You saw the sun peeking in the horizon. Sleep was already knocking but you needed to meet your friend soon. You arrived at his house and saw that the door was open. You invited yourself in and sat on the sofa.

It was weird how soft and warm the sofa was that you drifted into sleep. You only awoke when you heard a vehicle moving away. You immediately got to look for your friend. But he was no longer inside the house. And the door was locked on the outside. Play Fisherman Home Escape room escape game by 8b Games.

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