Fire Forest Bull Escape Game

Fire Forest Bull Escape

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It had been months since your last volunteer work. Although you tried to convince yourself that it didn't bother you, in all honesty, you were. You somehow missed sharing your time selflessly just to be able to touch young minds and somehow inspire them to be someone better for the society and the whole world. But your schedules wouldn't match up and you slowly feared being irrelevant to the youth of today. So even if you had the chance to be of help to them, you shied away and stay hidden. You thought you wouldn't be able to go back to that kind of life and was already looking for other ways to be of help to the world. You took a little trip near the forest hoping you would be able to do something for the rangers there when you saw a thick black smoke.

You hurried over and saw that parts of the forest was on fire. Jumping in immediately wouldn't be a very smart move. So you looked for a safe way to check the situation. You saw a bull trapped in the fire. You may not be able to stop the whole fire by yourself but you could at least try and save the bull. Play Fire Forest Bull Escape outdoor escape game by WoW Escape.

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