Finding My Small Brother Game

Finding My Small Brother

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You only have a little brother and the age difference is just two years. Even though you find it tiring to always look out for him, you're also very thankful to have him. He becomes your best friend as you grow older. So your every trip has to include him. The two of you plan about your trip right after you arrive home. You will hold the globe and then let your younger brother spin it. Then he will point his finger to any country it can land on. Next, you'll talk about it and decide if you should travel locally or pursue the country. But this time, it's a bit different. The two of did plan for the trip. But because of work schedules, your target date of the trip is compromised. Your brother walks over to you with his head drooping as you prepare to leave.

You try to cheer him up but he is in such despair for not being able to go. Your time of departure is drawing near so you say your goodbyes. It takes a few hours to reach the destination. Upon setting out of the airport, you receive a text saying your little brother is just around. Play Finding My Small Brother outdoor escape game by Eight Games.

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