Finding Nemo Escape

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Alex just got some news that her neighbor friend had a new fish, and it’s not just any ordinary fish though, it was a small clown-fish whom she of course named Nemo. Alex didn’t think the animal would live especially that it has very specific requirements and it’s her friend’s first-time to have a fish, she still went to her house just to see it for maybe she was wrong and her friend actually has a complex system there. Alex arrives at her friend’s house and when she met with her, she was weirdly not easy at all!

Alex asked what’s happening and she said that she couldn’t open the door of her room where the fish was and she had tried a ton of things already except of course ramming it, but still it would not open. What was happening here? Pondered her friend. Well what can Alex do now but to just help her friend for she also wanted to see the fish and as a friend, she’ll definitely help. Escape players, will you be a friend as well and see if you can help Alex here and her friend open that mysteriously locked door where the clown-fish’s tank is housed?

Finding Nemo Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by 8b Games.

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Walkthrough video for Finding Nemo Escape

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