Finding Jack's Treasure Game

Finding Jack's Treasure
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Everybody knows Captain Jack and everyone thinks that he always tries to steal some good old treasures. But what they did not know is that Jack is just trying to find his own treasure. He knew that he could trust you so he brought you to his expedition. You end up in an island where the map lead you. This is it. This could be the time that he can finally find his treasure. He's been waiting for so long and he traveled far enough for this treasure. However, the treasure map just lead you to this island but did not show the exact place of the treasure. Because of this, you need to find clues that can help you to find Jack's treasure. There sure are hints around the island so you better find it right now.

You don't want to hunt the treasure at night time so you have to find it before daylight's over. You can also collect precious items that you can keep, or better yet, use those items to find the treasure quickly. Finding Jack's Treasure is a brand new room escape game by Carmel Games for Mouse City that you will surely enjoy. Good luck and have fun!


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