Find Underwater Treasure Game

Find Underwater Treasure

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Find Underwater Treasure is another new point and click item retrieval escape game made by Avm Games. Good luck on this adventure here below sea level!

Benjamin has a lot of experience in diving rivers and lakes, but for oceans he has very little to no experience at all. Well that day however, his skills are going to be tested for his friend just called and he wants Benjamin to go with him on his quest to locate this very important treasure of the century. Benjamin was at first very hesitant of this endeavor for he couldn't get himself in such a potentially dangerous position especially that he has no experience in ocean diving, well he did break at the end and he was assured that his life will always be put first.

Man, his friend was in a hurry, for in no-time he was geared-up and within the day he was underwater surveying the corals and stuff. Benjamin was told to spot anything suspicious down there and if he ever has a chance to tinker on something, he must for they don't know when they'll have another chance. Escape players, care to join Benjamin here as he goes on a treasure-hunt underwater? Go ahead then everyone and have fun!


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