Find What U Lose

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You once visited a place. And you got lost just trying to figure out what’s there to see. You spent a lot of time just poking your head through various doors. Somewhere in your mind, you know there should be something so interesting here. However, you lost your interest after hours and hours of straining your eyes. So you left the place and went back to your house. It was a week after your visit to that house when you realize you lost something. You’re looking at your stuffs but you don’t know what’s lacking. Still you can’t shake the thought that there’s something you should be having now. But you can’t find it. And you don’t know where it is either. The only memory you can remember where you’re as lost as you are right now is the house.

So you arranged your schedule to get back to the house. You can’t just simply get inside. However, no one is around at this time and it is perfect for searching something. You somehow felt a little crazy for looking for something you have no idea what. Will you ever Find What U Lose in this room escape game by G7 Games?

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