Find The Wood Cabin Key Game

Find The Wood Cabin Key

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Find The Wood Cabin Key is the newest point and click item retrieval escape game from Games 2 Jolly for another adventure through blankets of snow. Have fun!

Living in the mountains is great for Orv's preferences, for he had been living in the city all of his life and he thought it was time to give the wilderness a try. For a year, Orv had been only getting his supplies from nature and also from the nearby town which was an hour away, it was pretty easy in-terms of mental stresses, but for physical then fitness and strength is needed. One day, Orv was out and was gathering firewood for the night is coming and the cold will intensify, as he arrived in his place after a few hours of collecting, he realized he had missed something and it's quite major.

The snow had piled around his cabin and it's bad news, for he had left the keys for his doors somewhere where there's no snow yet earlier! He did not expect the snow to really pile-up and not preparing there for anything got him in-trouble, but he ain't just gonna stand and do nothing, he must find his keys before the cold gets to him. Escape players, care to join Orv here in the cold as he finds his keys for his cabin? Good luck then and stay warm!

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