Find The Witchs Diamond Game

Find The Witchs Diamond

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Find The Witchs Diamond is  a brand new point and click item retrieval escape game released by 8b Games. Have Fun finding an item that is potentially cursed for the witch!

The witch decided to stop her spells in anti-aging, that happened decades ago and now the witch is more like a hag for her body is now very old. Who knows how long she had been living young, but because she is frail now she constantly needs help in various stuff and she is lucky that she actually had a distant relative. Timo was called by his distant ancestor and that is the witch, she gave him a vision and after that, he had been helping his ancestor on her chores and stuff in her home, he knows that he will be given the power of the witch eventually when the witch passes and he is ready for it.

One day, the witch had another chore and she really feels that her passing is near, but not near enough. On her last days, she wanted the witch's diamond in her hands but unfortunately, it's currently hidden among the ton of stuff the witch has, that is where Timo comes in, he must find it and by doing so very carefully. The witch's diamond is not suppose to be possessed long by a mortal, that's why he needs to pass it to the witch as quickly as possible. Escape players, care to join in with the item retrieval here for the diamond and see if you can find the said item? Good luck then and have fun!

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