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Find The Wall Clock

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The wall clock on Jimmy's place has strangely disappeared! Jimmy then quickly went-out of his way to find it, why? That's because he hid something very important in that clock and he just pray it was misplaced, for if it was taken by somebody then he is most definitely screwed. Jimmy said to himself then that he should have hid that thing in a safer place or something, but it's too late now and that wall clock is already a safe place and nobody would even expect he hid something there, how did they even know? That's the questions he'll ask himself if ever that wall clock is taken, that's why he'll try to find it somewhere in his home for all he knows he just forgot to put it back where it should be.

Escape players, that wall clock is pretty precious to Jimmy, will you help him find it somewhere in his home? It should be around there somewhere and you must find that thing carefully for worst-case scenario is when it is totally gone, well at least for Jimmy. Open drawers and cabinets there now in the entire house.

Find The Wall Clock is a brand new point and click item retrieval escape game from Top 10 New Games.

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