Find The Turkish Delight

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Richie is going to be Santa to the village there in the mountains this year, he’ll be giving gifts to everybody there. But as he was heading to the said town though going through the snowy trail in the wilderness, something happened and now Richie has lost half of his presents for the children which was in the form of the irresistible Turkish delight!

Richie made a wrong step there along the trail and he rolled on the snowy slopes for what he thinks was at least 50 meters! He is alive and well, but he lost those delights and he needs to get it back for he needs to bring those to the town for the children. But those Turkish delights are going to be 50 meters up the mountain, he needs to go back up there and get them. Escape players, want to help Richie here as he tries to get those treats back?

Find The Turkish Delight is a new point-and-click item retrieval snowy outdoors escape game developed by Big Escape Games.

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Walkthrough video for Find The Turkish Delight

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