Find The Thanksgiving Gift 2 Game

Find The Thanksgiving Gift 2

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You've already found the gift in the previous round. However, you still need to get to next supermarket for additional ingredients. These ingredients are only available there. And you already know the owner so it won't be too hard for you t o search through the shelves. Then again, it's Thanksgiving and it's not only you who's busy preparing for the meals. The supermarket is packed with people. Then you see your friend already in the line for the cashier. An idea enters your mind and you approach her. You ask her is she can let you pay for her stuffs in the cashier. And you'll just pay her after. She agrees and you instantly walk towards your needed ingredients. The shelves are almost empty when you arrive and you have to ask the workers for some specific items. They make you wait for only a few minutes though.

When they arrive, you immediately run towards your friend. After handing in your items, you step aside and breathe a sigh of relief. Then you remember your gift. You are carrying it around a while ago. And again, you must have left it on one of the shelves. Go around the supermarket once more and find your gift. Play Find The Thanksgiving Gift 2 room escape game by Top 10 New Games.

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