Find The Students Bag Game

Find The Students Bag

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Marcus' son is always the little monster at school, not because he is rotten or anything, but he is very hyperactive and always loses his things. In fact, when Marcus arrived at his school to pick him up, he was already missing something and this time it's his bag! Every single important thing for school is in that bag and Marcus will not about to let that go, he will find it but little did he know he will have a hard-time in doing that for the doors of the school was already closed!

Marcus needs help here now, but because there is nobody around except his son, he needs extra help and of course that will come from you escape players! Come and help Marcus here everyone, he needs to find his son's bag for that thing has everything his son needs for school and if it goes missing forever, then his son will have a hard-time with his notes. Will you help find that bag somewhere around the school before it gets dark? Go ahead and be quick on this one then, there is a sure way it's inside the school and Marcus knows that son of his has a lot of homework to do and those are inside that bag.

Find The Students Bag is the newest point and click item retrieval escape game created by Games 2 Jolly.

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