Find The Snow Cats Game

Find The Snow Cats

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Let's go in an adventure here in the snow-filled place where you will be rescuing a few animals. Find The Snow Cats is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game created by Games 2 Rule!

The mansion in the snowy forest is where Hector works and it belongs to a very rich family. Among the people who are living in that place, there are also a lot of cats inside and because they are significant in numbers, Hector himself helps sometimes in feeding and when things go out of control in the place. One day, he was disturbed again with his typical work for the mistress who was the mother of the house, lost an amount of cats!

The mistress thought that at least five or less have escaped for not only that she thinks so, but there are tracks outside and that is hard proof. Hector knew then what was going to be asked, the mistress needs help in saving her cats who have escaped for she treasures them all even though there are a lot of them. The mistress is just overreacting a bit and Hector knows they can survive in the cold for they are snow cats, the only concern now is if they get too far and or if they are in a place that's not easy to get to. Escape players, want to join Hector here in the snowy wonderland for a rescue? Find tracks on the snow then which can lead you to the cats.

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