Find The Smoke Pipe Game

Find The Smoke Pipe

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The smoke pipe is the last thing your grandfather have left and it's one important item he possesses which never really goes beyond a meter away from him at all, but when he passed however that pipe went missing somewhere in the house and all of his descendants are looking for it all over the place! Those were your cousins as well as uncles and aunts, they are looking for that pipe and anybody who doesn't know the story would think it is kind of weird but actually, that thing holds the secret of grandpa's riches. Nobody knows how or why is that so but they just tried to look for it.

Grandpa had successfully hid his pipe but surely in no time somebody will find it, that's if they are clever enough. You have a chance to find it but you don't have to be in a panic though, just calmly find that pipe and if you don't find it then that's okay, it's just riches, riches that you can absolutely muster with your own strength. Escape players, still you won't miss-out the chance though for what if you are destined to have it, then take the chance! Will you be able to find that pipe somewhere in the huge mansion?

Find The Smoke Pipe is a brand new point and click item retrieval escape game released by Top 10 New Games.

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