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Find The Seed

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For the past few years, your planned trip with your friends just remained a plan. Until one day, you surprised them all by going to their houses all packed up and ready to go. This startled them and made them pack their things as well since they already felt bad with your preparations. You were smiling widely inside but you chose to portray a very expectant friend. You were able to round them all up and be on the road to your destination. Your friends had no idea where you were going. It seemed better this way. If they knew where you were going, they might end up suggesting other places until you reached a consensus many hours later. You didn't want to spend that much time and instead use it to get to your destination. Everybody wanted to visit this place.

Upon arriving there, your friends immediately jumped out of the vehicle to explore the place. Some people might feel bad about being left behind. But you enjoyed seeing them excitedly wander around. You picked up your stuffs to take them to your room. Then you went outside to join your friends. However, you couldn't see them anywhere and you couldn't find the way out as well. Play Find The Seed room escape game by Top 10 New Games.

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