Find The Santa Secret Game

Find The Santa Secret

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Santa was having a bad day when you went to his office the last time. He felt a bit overwhelmed with the number of letters coming in his mailbox. You told him it had been like this for the past centuries. He smiled weakly and admitted he was always like this at this time of the year. It was just that you happened to visit him when he was being like this. He asked you about your intentions of visiting him. You almost forgot about it when you saw truckloads of letters coming in one by one. You went there to warn Santa about a threat of kidnapping him. Santa laughed his usual laugh but you didn’t join him. You kept a serious face and he faced you smiling livelier this time. He said he had a lot of elves surrounding him every time.

You wanted to feel assured with his statements yet you couldn’t help but worry about him. He urged you to go home and enjoy the season. You went home but your heart and mind remained with him. A few minutes after reaching home, you received a phone call about Santa’s disappearance. Play Find The Santa Secret room escape game from Mirchigames.

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