Find The Race Car Game

Find The Race Car

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Nigel's car-shop needs a little upgrade and one thing is pushing him to do that is the place doing some strange things to everybody there! Besides the shop is quite old, that's why the next week will be the start of the month-long renovation which can close some parts of the shop. A few nights before the closing of the place, Nigel is fixing-up the remaining cars which was left so they can be sent-out and the place will be clutter-free. But as he finishes-up however, something happened in his shop and it's one of those strange things again!

Nigel just got trapped inside for he can no longer open his doors and because it was late and he was working alone, nobody can go and help him. Nigel is going to do this with his own hands now, but he might need some help though for this occurrence is out of his explanation. Escape players, will you help Nigel here with his problem in his shop? Place yourself on his shoes then and try to get him out safely while have a fun escape adventure yourself!

Find The Race Car is the newest point and click shop escape game created by Top 10 New Games.

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