Find The Pet Food Game

Find The Pet Food

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You got yourself two kittens. One was quite thin while the other one looked healthy. They also moved differently. One moved fast while the other one was a bit cautious. You loved them both the same though. They got along well together and keep each other company while you were away for work during the day. Your pets could get a bit too playful at times though. So you always need to have your toys ready. After playing they would just find a good spot to sleep on. Everything was going well with the kittens until you noticed something was missing from the cupboard. You kept their pet food stashed away as they could eat too much of the stuff. You don't really enjoy picking up disgusting stuffs from the floor. So you better prevent it from happening. But you don't remember hiding the food somewhere else.

The kittens are still sleeping and you still had some time to look for the food. You better hurry though, once the kittens awaken you would have a bit of a hard time with all their meowing and following you around. Play Find The Pet Food room escape game by Games 2 Jolly.

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