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Find The Ornament Tree

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Snow is starting to fall heavily and Kenny have done a pretty bad job of adhering to his decision of finding the perfect tree to be used as a  Christmas tree sooner, now that it had gotten more difficult due to the cold and snow, he has now choice but to still find one and he thought he should have done this a lot sooner. Kenny doesn't know which area he should find one now for their garden has no available tree to be used. He must venture into more places then just to find one and if he can't then he'll be pushed further into the nearby forest.

Escape players, Kenny will now start in finding the perfect tree to be used as an ornament for Christmas, will you be able to help Kenny in finding one so that this job of his will be done before the weather gets any worst? Follow the paths then and carefully spot a tree from a distance so you won't have to get to a location if not necessary so to conserve warmth and effort.

Find The Ornament Tree is a brand new point and click snowy retrieval escape game released by Mirchigames.

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  1. Date: January 1, 2021
    Author: b165042407
    Mayday! Can someone explain to silly me logic of programmers (if, of course, it even exists in Nature)? WHY, if an arrow is drawn counterclockwise in the key, then it is necessary to start counting not from the beginning of this arrow, but from the next point? And most importantly - WHY 7+3-5+9=35 ??? I don’t know something about arithmetic? Or have programmers AGAIN invented some rules of their own? I was sure that nothing would surprise me, but these weirdos from Mirchigames were able to. [Reply]

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