Find The Officers Purse Game

Find The Officers Purse

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Find The Officers Purse is the newest point and click item retrieval escape game created by Games 2 Jolly for more dose of fun with us everyday. Best of luck!

There had been in an incident in the distant village which the city's police also covers. As a detective, Jasper is basically an alien in such a place at the moment, but he needs to be active there as well for unexpected things can happen even though an investigation is underway. Every officer and detective had checked every door which leads to different rooms of that said house which was under investigation, they indeed found substantial evidences and clues but at the end of the day, they had to place cordons around and continue investigating in the next morning. Everyone was ready to leave until they realized, one of the responding officers just lost something and he knows it's inside the house being investigated on.

That officer lost his purse which contains some evidences and a few coins somewhere inside the house! Everyone puffed a sigh for they had to enter again after they deemed the place not to be disturbed, well there's nobody else qualified to enter at that moment but detective Jasper. Escape players, the detective is going to try if he can find that purse somewhere in the house, will he be able to do that without destroying valuable evidences? Come and try the item retrieval here then with detective Jasper, have fun as well!


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