Find The Naughty Boss Baby

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Nina was assigned to this very bossy baby and even though she is seriously thinking about that, it was still a call for a job and she very much must respond to that. And so Nina took care of this baby all day and tended to its needs while the parents are away, she could not believe how red the place is and luxurious though, she can’t get her attention away from that, but the baby is her business and she must maintain her focus. Little did she know there will be a major problem there and because the house is a little puzzling, she will have a hard time solving that.

The baby which was under her care was in the room and Nina went outside of it briefly for she wanted to get something, when she returned she could no longer open the door and that really burst Nina’s sweat and great concern! Nina needs to get to that baby now for if she can’t and the parents returns, they will definitely file a complaint here for negligence or whatever, assuming that the kid got hurt. That’s why Nina needs to open the door now for every instinct in her body is telling her to do so. Escape players, want to help Nina here get to the baby she is taking care of while it seems that the young one is still okay? She needs to be quick or she’ll end-up saving the baby there God forbid if the worst is to come.

Find The Naughty Boss Baby is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game from WoW Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Find The Naughty Boss Baby

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