Find The Mystery Gloves Game

Find The Mystery Gloves

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A strange crime have been given to James and it happened inside a rich man's house, nobody can solve the crime now for there are factors contradicting to the main factors which makes the crime not very easy to solve. But it is solvable though and as the greatest detective in the country even though he was already retired, James was called in for none of the other detectives seems to be able to puzzle what really happened. James arrived on the scene and indeed he saw the crime was difficult to solve, but somehow he knew something about some mystery gloves which nobody thought of but for James, he knew those were involved and it needs to be found right-now.

Everybody though that the gloves which was said used in the crime was thrown somewhere else, but James insisted it is still in the premises, well he said it and he is the expert and as one of the detectives there escape players, you must help in the search so that this crime can finally be solved soon. Use everything you know then and look for that hidden gloves without disturbing unnecessary stuff in the house.

Find The Mystery Gloves is the newest point and click item retrieval escape game from Top 10 New Games.

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