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Find The Mystery Cup

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A lot of people have already tried their luck to find a strange item which was just a cup, it's pretty simple but that thing has special powers and it can just pop from one place to another! That day, people have been looking around the wilderness for that mysterious cup because it was last seen there glowing in the darkness. As a person who was after the same thing and happened to be living near the said wilderness, Rusty went out of his way that night to get his hands on that cup, of all he knows luck might be on his side now.

Escape players, Rusty needs to find that mysterious cup for it had been his mission for long to finally posses it, but he was never given opportunity to start that mission for he needs to tend to his family's needs and other things first. But now he has a chance so he needs to make that count. Will you join Rusty here on the search for an item that doesn't stay in one place? Place yourself on the shoes of Rusty here then, find that cup somewhere in the forest and be very careful on this mission.

Find The Mystery Cup is a brand new point and click item retrieval escape game from Top 10 New Games.

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