Find The Mystery Case File Game

Find The Mystery Case File

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The boss's dirty works have already been finished and his men had already found the riches there and left the place, but they still left something and that is the all-important mystery case file which was illegally retrieved and should have been retrieved by the boss's men but they didn't for they forgot, they are really going to get it from him. But to follow-up on that though, the boss had sent Kyo who was a ninja and the fastest underling he has, Kyo of course said yes to his master's request and because police will be swarming in that place soon, Kyo has one tough mission on his hands.

Kyo must retrieve the case file and that only means moving around the house which the boss's men looted and find that hidden file quickly. Will he be able to do that and escape as soon as possible? Escape players, come and join in the retrieval mission here with Kyo and see if you are able to successfully finish the mission with your freedom on your hands. Be ready for everything then.

Find The Mystery Case File is a brand new point and click item retrieval escape game released by Top 10 New Games.

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