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Find The Musical Guitar

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You never run out of hobbies. You started out with simple drawing where you try to copy every illustration you can. You're having some trouble with proportions but as long as you can tell what it is, it doesn't trouble you at all. Then after a few years, you move to sketching. You didn't know you have some skills in sketching. You were just working on your pupils' assignments when you discovered you could draw peoples' faces. It becomes your hobby for a few years again until you find it more challenging that usual. You attended a seminar which had nothing to do with art. But there was just one activity where you tried watercolor painting. You instantly fell in love with. Upon returning home, you started building up your stocks of art supplies. Your IG feed were all about watercolor.

Then you heard your crush play his guitar. Now your heart is all about learning more and more songs to play on your guitar. However, your friend may have found you quite annoying with all your practices. He hid your instrument and you can't bear to be away from it. Play Find The Musical Guitar room escape game by Top 10 New Games.

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