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Find The Magical Stone
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As a gemologist for years, you keep a particular secret. You have not told anyone about this because it is special to you. The secret of yours is a precious emerald-like magical stone. A certain monk from a quaint part of Asia bestowed upon you this magical stone. He told you that this stone possesses a strong and powerful magic. The monk did not tell you but he said you will find out when the time comes. For the meantime, you must keep it safe.

Find The Magical Stone is a fun and exciting point and click escape game released by Top 10 New Games. In this unique escape game, you must find the magical stone your friend has hidden as a prank.

Your friend managed to get his hands on your secret magical stone because you were busy cleaning your room. You then suddenly receive a call from him and forgot you took out your magical stone. A few seconds later, he busts in your door and takes you by surprise. You smack him lightly because of his rudeness and proceed to prepare some drinks.

As you were preparing, your friend immediately notices your magical stone and hides it as a prank. You did not tell him the significance of the magical stone but now you must find it. Point and click through the various objects to look for clues and solve puzzles in order to retrieve your magical stone. Good luck!

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