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Find The Kitty Toys

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Joy's little kitten is very active now, it was very far from when it first arrived, it was skittish and a bit defensive at anything, but now it was playing with its toys and eating quite vigorously. That day another week went and the little critter was really active, bringing its small toys everywhere around the house, well little did Joy know it was going to be a bit of a problem for by the end of the day, Joy could no longer find any of them!

Joy was very curious where does her kitten brings those toys, but because there are no more toys in her small bed, she can't observe her kitten in where it brings its stuff. Well, kitten toys are hard to come by here for the town which was the only place to get some is far and she doesn't really know how to make makeshift ones. Joy was just happy that her kitten was happy with the toys she gives, but because those were missing, she needs to find them. Escape players, will you help Joy here find the toys of her kitten? Hopefully it is not in the forest nearby or she won't be able to find any of it.

Find The Kitty Toys is the newest point and click item retrieval escape game from Mirchigames.

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