Find The Jeep Key

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Farmer Jack will now begin his day at his farm by bringing his tractor to the fields, but when he thought that was going to be an easy task, he realized that it wasn’t going to be that way, for he couldn’t find his keys to his tractor.

Where could that thing be? He asked himself and his men. Nobody can answer that so they just helped in finding it. Farmer Jack have been in and out of his house there but still nothing. This is now taking a ton of his time and he can’t just spend the entire day finding it. Jack needs a lot more help here, so escape players would you like to offer your assistance to farmer Jack here so that he can finally begin his tasks in the farm?

Find The Jeep Key is another new point-and-click item retrieval game made by 8B Games and Games 2 Mad.

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Walkthrough video for Find The Jeep Key

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