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Find The Hostel Thief

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You were working as a cleaner in the hostel. It was your part time job after working for a few hours in the cafe. You used to have a corporate job but you found it too stressful. So you left it for part time jobs. You weren't earning as much as you did before, but you were much more happier now. And that was all that mattered. Your job at the hostel started at 5 am. Your tasks included cleaning the room and changing covers. It was always a treat for you to make sure that the room would welcome the guests looking and feeling as clean and comfortable as it should be. Your duty would end at 8 am and then you'd go to the cafe until eight in the evening. However, your schedule would change if there were a number of visitors arriving in huge numbers.

You'd have to stay in the hostel until everyone was settled. But sometimes you'd stay for other reasons and one of them was to catch the thief. You were busy sorting out the luggage when a person entered the hostel. He was moving suspiciously so you secretly kept an eye on him. You were about to let your suspicions go but he disappeared from your sight. And you realized he might be up to no good. Play Find The Hostel Thief room escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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  1. Date: August 7, 2018
    Author: dewed
    The 4 rows of colors didn't work.

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