Find The Heart Diamond Game

Find The Heart Diamond

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As Santa delivers gifts that Christmas, there is a small mission which he does ever year, it can be anything from finding a special item or delivering something special to someone in a specific location. But to compensate for the time spent on that, Santa only does one mission so he can deliver all the gifts he has. That day, the mission was somewhat of importance for it was to retrieve a precious item which had gone missing from north pole years ago.

Santa was to retrieve an item called the heart diamond, it is a big pink heart-shaped diamond and if anyone sees it they are definitely going to be enchanted with it. That's why it got stolen for a person managed to enter north pole and take this specific item under the noses of everyone, and now Santa wanted it back even if the person didn't have to pay for what he did. On this mission, Santa also brought one helper elf to help him and that helper elf is you escape players. You are now in the area where that diamond is, will you help Santa retrieve it and quickly leave the place then?

Find The Heart Diamond is the newest point and click item retrieval escape game created by Top 10 New Games.

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