Find The Halloween Cake Game

Find The Halloween Cake

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Pat is now part of the spooks in the abandoned neighborhood and even though he was human, the scary things accepted him for one, Pat was alone most of his life and his third eye is open, and second the spooks there are also getting bored and they wanted new company. Pat still needs to pass a few tests however, and because it was Halloween, they gave him a task by finding stuff around the dark neighborhood, and if he manages to do that then he'll be the first person to enter and exit the neighborhood without being tormented by the things that go bump in the night who in-fact  lives there.

For Pat's first task, he must find a cake, but that isn't just a normal cake however for it is a Halloween cake! It looks normal, but that thing flies around and is hard to catch, only when it rests will one be able to get it, and it really calms down once handled especially by a human. Escape players, Pat is ready to move through the darkness of the place and pass the tests of the spooks. Want to join Pat and see if you can find that cake?

Find The Halloween Cake is a brand new point and click item retrieval escape game released by Top 10 New Games.

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