Find The Gym Bag Game

Find The Gym Bag

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Wayne is up for another round in the gym but that day, he decided to take on the bag and because he was already a regular in the place and people know him, Wayne was told there was nobody in the place yet so do what he needs to do in the gym. So that's why he roamed around to try and find that bag he wants to train with that day but after a few minutes, it's strange for he can't seem to find it. Wayne also tried to ask his pal the receptionist but unfortunately, he was also not in his place!

Wayne is really confused now and he is even thinking that this could be a prank, but it's not his birthday or anybody's birthday, probably just a normal prank? Well it should have blown a few minutes ago if it is, it must be a real situation but Wayne came here to train so, his priority is that bag. Escape players, want to help Wayne here with his problem and see if you can help find what he is looking for? The problem should be fixed when he finds that thing.

Find The Gym Bag is a brand new point and click item retrieval escape game released by Top 10 New Games.

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