Find The Gun Bullet Game

Find The Gun Bullet

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A crime had just been committed in an old house just outside of town, still the place is under detective Kim's jurisdiction and upon his investigation, a few things have been accounted for except for one thing in the house. The criminal have been caught recently and he stated how many shots have been fired from the weapon that he had and how much is left in there which hadn't been fired and just scattered around the floor when the criminal dropped them, he stated that too and all have been found except for one.

That last missing bullet is pretty vital for the investigation and for Kim, that can be a clue to potentially land the criminal behind bars or otherwise. It is positive that the criminal did it but Kim somehow is having just a little-bit of doubt that it isn't him, for all he knows it could just be foul-play and the criminal could not confess what really happened for the real perpetrator is holding something against him. That's why Kim needs to find that bullet now for it can conclude the case. Escape players, want to help Kim here find something so small somewhere in the house?

Find The Gun Bullet is the newest point and click item retrieval escape game from Top 10 New Games.

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