Find The Grass Hut Key Game

Find The Grass Hut Key

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Try your skills and logic here in an area in the remote coast. Find The Grass Hut Key is another new point and click item retrieval escape game made by Games 2 Jolly. Good luck!

Ronnie lives in a small hut in the remote beach here, even then there are still hints of modernity in this place in the form of that lighthouse nearby, and his doors here also still have locks which can be hard to pry-open, that's if one doesn't want to destroy it. Well little did he know that it is going to be one of his problems that day and it could potentially be a hard one to solve. Ronnie just arrived after catching some fish from the sea but as he came-back to check where he had left his keys however, he noticed that it were missing!

Ronnie thought hard where he had placed his keys but really, he had left it to where he thought it was but well, somebody might have taken it. Escape players, care to join in with Ronnie with here as he finds his keys for his house before it gets dark? Come and join then, it's going to be hard in finding those keys now, but will you all be able to? Good luck then everyone, enjoy the beach!

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