Find The Golden Pen Game

Find The Golden Pen

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Find The Golden Pen is the newest point and click item retrieval escape game created by Games 2 Jolly. Best of luck on finding something so small in the neighborhood!

Michael knows very much that his golden pen which he inherited from his father and to him from his, is in the possession of his neighbor and he wouldn't give it back! He said it was his but clearly there was a name on it which was Michael's grandfathers. That forced Michael to make a plan and that is to get through the doors of his neighbor's house quietly, find his golden pen, and then get-back out like nothing happened. It's a daring plan and absolutely illegal, but that neighbor of his is being himself again and he decided that after this he wants nothing to do with that guy anymore.

Escape players, his plan is going to be very daring and if he gets caught then the tables could turn against him. Care to join in with Michael and try if you can all get that golden pen and out of the house leaving no trace at all? Good luck then, use your agile skills and move like a ninja. Have fun!

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