Find The Golden Horse Game

Find The Golden Horse

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The owner of the old and luxurious house has tasked you to find something which seems to be quite a valuable item or, an animal maybe, that's because the owner didn't elaborate and just said to help him find his golden horse and then left before you could even say a word. What was it? A golden horse? You thought it is more likely to be an item, for you haven't seen any golden horse anywhere in the property, even an object that symbolizes it. Still you must do your job or you'll get potentially fired which you don't want to.

Escape players, you are tasked to find a golden horse in the property and because your hunch is that it's an item, you will start in the rooms of the huge house. Come and join in the retrieval here everyone before the owner returns, it couldn't be just anywhere now could it? Because it is gold as the owner had stated, it should be easy to spot. Keep your eyes open for clues and keep scanning through cabinets as well as drawers and if it isn't there, then it is time to check the stables.

Find The Golden Horse is the newest point and click retrieval escape game created by Top 10 New Games.

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