Find The Golden Bone Game

Find The Golden Bone

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You're a very special creature. Not only because you're born from such high ranking parents but also because you have a golden part. This bone is an extra part of your body. You discovered that you could take this bone out whenever you feel like taking it out. It seems like it also knows when to be taken out. Sometimes you like admiring it since it also makes you wonder about its wonders. However, it is not only you who knew about the golden bone. One of your closest friends always wants to see it up close. You know how amazing it is to have such an ability. But sometimes your friend can feel like a creep when he's always asking for it. So you try to change the topic every time he wants you to take it out. Most of the time he goes with your conversation.

Then one day, while playing, he accidentally bumped hard into you and your bone came out. That was the day he knew he can take the bone from you. He ran away with it and hid it. You know he will return it eventually but you just can't wait for him to do so. Play Find The Golden Bone outdoor escape game by Top 10 New Games.

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