Find The Girl Ring From Island Game

Find The Girl Ring From Island

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A wedding proposal have been done in the island resort and it was great, for the staff had become involved to the guy guest's proposal to the love of his life. Everything went well and some of the guests in the resort have become involved as audiences too, it ended well for the girl said yes to him! Now a wedding in the future will happen. But as the couple was about to leave however, the engaged woman noticed something, and that is her ring was missing!

The couple immediately went everywhere for a ring is a tiny thing and it could be anywhere, worst if it's actually under the sand! As courtesy, the staff of the place will help the couple in finding the missing ring and as a part of the resort staff, Victoria is going to do her best and assume that the ring is not under some beach sand or somewhere. Escape players, that ring could be anywhere, but will you help out and successfully find it in the area of the resort? Help Victoria then for the resort is already low on staff in this extra task is somehow adding strain to them.

Find The Girl Ring From Island is the newest point and click item retrieval escape game created by Top 10 New Games.

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