Find The Ginger Bread Doll

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Agatha went to her friend’s home for she needed help on something, as her go-to friend to help, of course Agatha obliged. As she arrives at the house, she knew then after she was told what the problem was, and that was her cute gingerbread doll stuck in this room and her friend had been trying to look for the key to it for hours, but still nothing.

Okay, seems like a simple thing, well for Agatha at least. She knows this gingerbread doll for she had seen it before, it was rather cute indeed. Escape players, imagine you are Agatha here, will you be able to help in finding the key to this room so that eventually that doll can be retrieved from there?

Find The Ginger Bread Doll is the newest point-and-click indoor item retrieval game created by 8B Games.

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Walkthrough video for Find The Ginger Bread Doll

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